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May 23, 2019

Things to Do When You Experience a Fire

ACTION recommends that victims of a fire immediately take certain Immediate steps to best deal with and minimize their loss. Obviously, your safety and security and that of your loved ones are first and foremost so make sure to evacuate the property and call 911 and/or your local fire department as soon as the danger of fire is detected. Follow the expertise and directives of the fire department as they work diligently and courageously to help save lives and property under what are often perilous circumstances for all concerned. A fire victim’s next immediate calls (after the fire department) should be to ACTION to secure and clean up your property until is is repaired and to the insurance company or local agent for the damaged property. These steps are critical to obtaining insurance coverage for the present loss as well as minimizing and eliminating future loss to the fullest extent possible under the circumstances.

Once these first steps are taken, victims are encouraged to contact local relief services such as the American Red Cross that may help find immediate access to necessary food, clothing, medicine and shelter until they can get situated. If the property carries a mortgage, owners should contact the bank or other lender to notify them of the incident and the steps taken thus far to deal with it. If you need to leave the property, advise the local police department that the site will be vacant during that time period. Finally, one you are settled, begin putting together a file of all receipts for any money spent related to the fire loss so that you will be in the best possible position to document and prove any and all recoverable losses later for insurance recovery and income tax purposes

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