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May 23, 2019

Why Action?

We at ACTION are sometimes referred to as the guys behind the guys: the next critical wave of emergency services right after the fire department. Here are some of the reasons why:

* Fully-equipped emergency services company.
* Fully insured and bonded.
* Expertise in securing all phases of disaster properties.
* Licensed Construction Supervisor on staff.
* Certified HAZMAT response units and technicians.
* Responders include experienced fire fighters and law enforcement.
* Full restoration company.
* State of the art fleet of equipment and vehicles.
* Background checks on all employees.
* Over 30 years experience.
* Municipal and other government contracts.
* Work with all insurance companies and adjusters.
* Years of references available.
* We are committed to excellence in our workmanship and response.
* 24/7 service and dispatch.
* Locally owned and operated.
* We do whatever it takes to do each job correctly and completely.

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