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Forensic Demolition and Recovery

If your home or building is ultimately determined to constitute a complete loss, ACTION can safely and cost-effectively demolish the structure and remove any all types of debris from the site.

ACTION provides complete, full-service demolition solutions to carefully remove buildings and related structures and grade your existing lot in accordance with all applicable environmental rules, and regulations, and all other federal, state, and local laws and ordinances.

ACTION will interface with all utility companies, government officials, local police and fire departments, and other pertinent parties to ensure that all appropriate policies, procedures, and paperwork is properly followed and fully completed.

Demolition of a property can sometimes be much more complex than just knocking it down and disposing of waste and debris. Often times a demolition company becomes and important partner in ongoing investigations, or has to preserve parts of buildings or certain materials that were being stored in those buildings. Not all demolition companies possess the degree of skill, expertise, and finesse to execute such complicated projects. ACTION offers the means and resources to excel in any forensic demolition, restoration, or recovery assignment.

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